Google can now predict when you will die, with 95 per cent accuracy

Google can now predict when you will die, with 95 per cent accuracy

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Google has seeped into our lives and it is no surprise that it knows a lot about us. From our contacts to our address, there is hardly anything hidden from Google and now it can even predict the survival chances of a hospital patient.

Google’s Medical Brain Team has integrated artificial intelligence to predict the death among hospital patients. A paper published in The Nature last month details on how Google used a set of algorithm to predict the death of patients in two different hospitals. It was observed that Google was 95 per cent accurate in its prediction for the first hospital and 93 per cent accurate in the second.


Google has created a tool that can predict the patient’s survival chances in the hospital, their chances of re-admission and how long the patient could stay in the hospital.
Bloomberg reported the case of a woman with late-stage breast cancer who saw two doctors and got a radiology scan. The doctors predicted 9.3 per cent chance of her dying during the stay. Google AI predicted that the risks of death were 19.9 per cent higher. The lady passed away in few days.

According to the report, Google AI uses neural networks, a type of AI software which is good at automatically learning and improving itself. What impressed the researchers was the AI’s ability to go through all the previous files and reports that may have been a little difficult to access for any human. The AI went all through all the past health records and data to give almost 95 per cent accurate predictions. Also, the prediction was faster and more accurate than the existing technologies.

According to the report, Google aims to move this technology to hospitals and clinics in future. The Medical Brain team is also working on an AI system that can predict symptoms and disease with a good level of accuracy.

AI researchers at Google have also developed algorithms that can predict the risk of heart attacks by analysing retina scans. Google Brain has also collaborated with doctors in India and the US to help diagnose Diabetes Retinopathy. It is a medical condition in which retina is damaged due to diabetes.



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